Boards & Commissions

Board of Supervisors

The Board of Supervisors in the governing body of the Township.  The board is comprised of three elected members each serving a staggered six-year term.  The board has the executive and legislative powers of the Township, and is responsible for adopting the annual budget, ordinances, and resolutions, as well as appointing members to various boards and commissions and the appointment of Township employees.

Tim Lausch, Chairman
Keith Martin, Vice-Chairman
Gary Landis, Secretary

Planning Commission

The Planning Commission meets monthly at the municipal building.  Responsibilities include reviewing site plans for proposed construction and approving subdivisions within the Township.  After the commission has reviewed and approved the plan, it recommends its approval or rejection be submitted to the Board of Supervisors.  The members of the Planning Commission are appointed by the Board of Supervisors for a five-year term.

Jon Price, Chairman
Adrian Kapp, Vice – Chairman
Josh Reist, Secretary
Rick Gehman, Member
Jay Zimmerman, Member

Zoning Hearing Board

The Zoning Hearing Board consists of three members appointed by the Board of Supervisors for staggered three-year terms.  Its primary function is to hear cases of individual requests pertaining to any possible deviation to the Zoning Ordinance.  Any zoning decision made by the Township Zoning Officer may be appealed to the board for a variance to the ordinance.  The board also hears cases of uses that are permitted only by Special Exception in the Zoning Ordinance.

Richard Stehr, Chairman
Earl Ray Zimmerman
Chad Hummel

Park and Recreation Board

Phillip DeVirgilis, Chairman
Ricky Steffy, Vice-Chairman
Scott Kachel, Recording Secretary